Buyers Guide

There are various types of rights that a purchaser can acquire and each Caribbean nation has its own laws governing these rights.

Many Caribbean islands also have laws that govern what types of rights are transferable to foreign purchasers. Help is needed when purchasing real estate. Sorting through sometimes arcane technical title matters can be a daunting task.

Tendal Real Estate

has ably advised and directed purchasers every step of the way to a successful conclusion, with very few exceptions. Decades of experience here in St. Maarten – St. Martin has allowed our company to forge meaningful friendships with various banks and other lending establishments, along with concomitant relationships in the entire legal and accounting spectrum pertaining to property development and ownership transfer. Indeed our relationship with the entire business community is excellent!

Tendal Real Estate are proud members of SXMREA.


Villa Purchase

There is a good selection of single family villas available on Dutch Sint Maarten. The majority of St. Maarten villas for sale are in the island’s most sought after neighborhoods.

ad4540_67660fafde4f4b8887a37e5badee2b1aMany of these properties have breathtaking views of the ocean, and include swimming pools and many other amenities. Lot sizes vary, but average between a third to half acre.

The services usually available in all subdivisions consist of the basic infrastructure, utilities and security. The subdivision dues on the island of St. Maarten also vary, but the average cost per year is about $1000. The dues pay for road maintenance and security. There are no real estate taxes on St. Maarten at this time.

The cost of investing in a Villa in one of the subdivisions begins at approximately $350,000 and can go upward to well over a million U.S. dollars depending upon your needs and location.

Monthly utility costs depend upon usage but should not run more than $400 per month. If needed, gardener and maid services are readily available at very reasonable rates, approximately $350 per month. Full insurance coverage is available at a rate of $17 per mil. Discounts are given to villas with hurricane shutters.

An investor can realize added income from using the property as a vacation villa rental when not personally using it. Short-term villa rentals average anywhere from $2000 to $6500+ per week during the season, and even more in the high season months (December through April).

There are reputable agencies on the island specializing in this service. They usually charge between 20-30% commission. Properties usually rent from 10 to 30 weeks a year. Property in the ideal location will, of course, appreciate in value and can translate into strong profits when ready to resell.

Condominium Purchase

The condominium market

is fast becoming a strong investment possibility in St. Maarten real estate. Many projects are a few years old and vary in size;price and amenities available. A majority of the condo projects are located in the Pelican Key, Mullet Bay and Cupecoy area. Two-bedroom condos begin at about $200,000, with an average price range of St. Maarten Condo sales at $250,000.

These units are fully furnished and have reasonable monthly maintenance fees of between $200-$600 per month (The maintenance fee is usually in direct proportion to the number of bedrooms and amenities included). This provides the investor with a turnkey operation.

Condos are used for personal use as well as investment purposes for tourist rentals. Many of the resorts have in-house management, who manage and maintain rentals on site. Condos rent between $1800 to $3500 per week in season. Commissions are between 20% to 30%.

The monthly costs of a condo consists of the following items:

  • Association fee: garden /common areas, pool service, pest control and security

  • Insurance costs (maybe be included in association fee)

  • Utilities ($250 per month – electric & water)

  • Cable fee $35 per month